HealthTEC Connect III

  • 17 October 2023, Tuesday

Date: 17 October
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Fusionopolis 1, Connexis South, L14, Infuse theatre S138632

HealthTEC Connect III: Adoption of Digital Innovations in Healthcare: Regulations and Partnerships

We are seeing an era defined by the rapid development of digital medtech and healthcare innovations, with a growing emphasis on patient-centric care and optimizing healthcare resource utilization. Our speakers will highlight how regulations in Singapore are keeping up with the advances, and challenges and learning points around adoption of AI solutions within the public healthcare setting. Keeping up with the latest trends, a generative AI/ GPT-based platform currently being developed in collaboration with industry will be discussed. Increasingly, there is awareness that successful adoption, decreasing time to market and achieving scale may lie in partnerships between incumbents and new entrants, and hence one topic of sharing will be on building impactful partnerships.

Join us at this event exclusive for our industry members, invited academic and healthcare partners. In addition, we have invited SG Innovate to share on how companies can leverage on the global talent pool through their Deep Tech Central (DTC) platform.

Industry Members

Mr. Lin Anle

Senior Regulatory Specialist Digital Health Branch, Medical Device Cluster,HSA

Dr. Goh Han Leong

Senior Principal Specialist, Synapxe

Dr. Dario Heymann

Founding Member & CRO Galen Growth

Dr. Vanessa Ding

Deputy Director, Talent, SGInnovate

Member's Showcase


One Science

Anto Medcare



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