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Unleashing Innovations for Health and Wellness

HealthTEC.SG provides a platform to facilitate the convergence of research and translational efforts with industry to develop innovative health and wellness solutions for individuals through deep technology and multi-sensor analytics.

Software Technologies

  • AI/ML, Analytics or Predictive Modelling
  • Disease Condition Management
  • Clinical Decision Systems
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Healthcare Data Management, Privacy & Security

Hardware Technologies

  • Wearables, Sensors and IoMT
  • Diagnostic and Imaging Medical Technologies
  • Point-of-care or Portable Devices
  • Therapeutic Devices
  • AR, MR, VR

Health & Wellness

  • Devices for general health/wellness
  • Apps for wellness (sports/fitness, meditation, sleep tracking)

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Chua Siew Eng Patrick

Sensori Healthcare

Dr Ariffin Kawaja

Cofounder of StretchSkin

Dr Amiya Patanaik

Co-founder & Executive Director

Abhishek Agrawal

Co-founder and CEO Kinexcs Pte Ltd

Dr Mabel Nguyen

CEO, EloCare Pte Ltd

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