Webinar ꞁ 28 May 2021, Friday ꞁ 3.00pm - 4.30pm (SGT)


Dr Gao Yuan

Senior Scientist

Dr Liu Yuxin

Research Scientist

Dr Philip Wong

CEO & Chief Medical Officer
WEB Biotechnology Pte Ltd

In this session, the speakers discussed the challenges and innovations in circuit design for next–generation wearables, bio-electronic interface for biological application of wearable and implantable electronics, and the Spyder ECG for continuous diagnostic ECG and remoted monitoring:

Challenges and Innovations in Sensor Interface Circuit Design for Next Generation Wearables
- by Dr Gao Yuan, IME, A*STAR

Biochemical and Electrophysiological Interface Using Tissue-like Polymeric Electronics
- by Dr Liu Yuxin, IMRE-A*STAR

The Spyder-Verse: Remote Diagnosis and Monitoring in a Digital World for Better Patients Outcomes
- by Dr Philip Wong, WEB Biotechnology Pte Ltd

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