HealthTEC Seed Grant

The HealthTEC Seed Grant provides funding support for HealthTEC Academic Partners to explore
new innovative ideas or to translate technologies/know-how in collaborative projects with HealthTEC Industry Full Members
in the areas of sensing technologies and analytics/AI for health and wellness personalised applications.


  • To support IHLs-Industry collaborations in the areas of health sensing technologies and health analytics/AI
    that have high potential of industry adoption.
  • To support feasibility study that could potentially lead to larger scale IHL- Industry collaboration aimed at IHL IP adoption
    into HealthTEC Industry Member’s product, which could tap on a larger grant such as the Industry Alignment Fund (IAF).


  • Full time faculty members of HealthTEC Academic Partners are eligible to be the Lead Principal Investigator (PI) of the project.
  • Each project must have an industry collaborator who is a HealthTEC Industry Full Member.

Funding Quantum and Industry Contribution

The HealthTEC Seed Grant provides funding up to $50,000/project/year with some cash
and/or in-kind contribution expected from an Industry Full Member. Indirect costs are not supportable.

  • HealthTEC Seed Grant: up to $50,000 cash/project/year
  • Industry Full Member: $10,000 cash and/or in-kind


The grant call is open throughout the year with submission deadlines on 31 March and 31 August respectively.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria:

Criteria Weightage (%) Guiding Remarks
Commercialisation Plan 40
  • Plan for IP adoption and commercialization by Industry Full Member.
  • Whether the project addresses important scope of the technology development roadmap or productization plan.
  • The extent to which the Industry Full Member will be committed in deploying the technologies developed and executing the commercialisation plan.
Project Scope 30
  • Relevance of project scope with the aims of the grant.
  • The extent to which the proposed idea is able to address the Industry Full Member’s problem statement and its technical soundness.
  • Technology transfer (if any) from academia to industry and how the technology will be translated.
  • Deliverables and milestones to commensurate with expected impact and objectives, and budget.
Innovativeness 15
  • The extent to which the proposed idea/approach challenges existing paradigms and employs new methodologies, designs or concepts.
Quality 15
  • The extent to which the proposed idea and the research methodology are clearly explained and includes a compelling or well-defined outcome metric.

Guidelines and Application Form

To download the HealthTEC Seed Grant Guidelines, please click here.
To download the HealthTEC Seed Grant Application Form, please click here.
Please submit the completed grant application form to by 31 March or 31 August of the calendar year respectively.

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