Conference: ioT Asia+ 2022 – Igniting Business Change Through Collision of Communities and Ideas

The 7th edition of IoT Asia+ took place on 16-17 March 2022, with the theme of “Igniting Business Change Through Collision of Communities & Ideas”. In 2022, the event expects a greater focus on the key areas such as Healthcare, Retail, Transport & Logistics, Real Estate and more, catalysed by the integration of powerful enabling technologies that include Blockchain, AI and AR amongst others. The event is organised by Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) and Constellar Exhibitions aims to converge communities, ignite changes, and transform businesses. Find out more at

Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HEALTHTEC)’s members enjoy complimentary digital tickets. If you have previously registered, log in to the platform to view the sessions (valid till 16 April 2022).

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