Asst Prof Alfred Tan

Engineering Cluster

Research Interests: Assistive healthcare devices,  Acoustics (ultrasound),  Active control of noise, Building acoustics

Asst Prof Desmond Chong

Engineering Cluster

Research interests: Computational simulation and finite element analysis, Experimentation and data acquisition, Engineering / Medical devices design, User-centric product design, Orthopaedic implant design, Rehabilitation engineering, Gait and human motion analyses (3D motion capture and EMG)

Asst Prof Ryan Kirwan

Infocomm Technology Cluster

Research interest: Medical rehabilitation and eldercare, Field of formal verification and correctness of medical systems

Asst Prof Peter Paul Waszecki

Infocomm Technology Cluster

Research interests: Main research interests, Cyber-Physical and Real-Time Systems, Automotive Electrical / Electronic Architectures,  Automotive Safety and Security Diagnosis, Distributed Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks, Autonomous Mobile Robots.

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