Aaron Chen Angus

School of Sports, Health & Leisure , RP

Research Interests: Health Sensing Technologies, Health and Sports Analytics, Bioinformatics System Integration

Aaron is an academic staff at Republic Polytechnic (RP). He has postgraduate qualifications in paediatric immunology, and over a decade of experience in this area at his previous research institute, where he has published extensively on the application of bioinformatics in B and T cell epitope mapping, as well as the elucidation of molecular signalling mechanisms in asthma pathogenesis. After joining RP, he spent a decade managing various system development and integration projects, playing key coordination roles linking project teams from various educational institutions and corporations. Following his transfer to SHL, his research focus is now on artificial intelligence-based technology applications for the optimisation of performance and team management in sport, as well as diagnostics and prophylactic measures in healthcare.

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