Asst Prof Benjamin C. K. Tee

Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, NUS
Institute for Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthtech), NUS

Research Interests: Flexible and Stretchable Electronic Sensors for Human-machine Interfaces and Biomedical Applications

Contact: 66015166


Research Interests

Professor Tee’s research focuses on exploiting novel materials and/or nano/micro-fabrication techniques to create novel flexible and stretchable electronic sensor devices. These devices can be used in a variety of applications from human-machine interfaces to biomedical uses.

Selected Publications:

  1. A Skin-Inspired Organic Digital Mechanoreceptor, B. C-K. Tee, A. Chortos, A. Berndt, et al., Science, 350, 313–316 (2015).
  2. Shape-Controlled, Self-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube Three-Dimensional Electronics, H. Wang, Y. Wang, B. C-K. Tee, K. Kim, J. Lopez, W. Cai, and Z. Bao, Advanced Science, 2, 1500103, (2015)
  3. Tunable Flexible Pressure Sensors using Microstructured Elastomer Geometries for Intuitive Electronics, B. C-K. Tee et al., Advanced Functional Materials 24, 5427–5434, (2014)
  4. Continuous Wireless Pressure Monitoring and Mapping with Ultra-Small Passive Sensors for Health Monitoring and Critical Care, Nature Communications, L. Chen, B. C-K. Tee, et al. 5, 5028, (2014)
  5. Flexible polymer transistors with high pressure sensitivity for application in electronic skin and health monitoring, G. Schwartz, B. C-K. Tee, et al., Nature Communications, 4, 1859, (2013)
  6. Solution coating of large-area organic semiconductor thin films with aligned single-crystalline domains, featured in Y. Diao, B. C-K. Tee, et al., Nature Materials, 12, 665–671, (2013)
  7. An electrically and mechanically self-healing composite with pressure- and flexion-sensitive properties for electronic skin applications, B. C-K. Tee, C. Wang, R. Allen, Z. Bao, Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 825–832, (2012)
  8. Transparent, Optical, Pressure-Sensitive Artificial Skin for Large-Area Stretchable Electronics, M. Ramuz, B. C-K. Tee, J. B.-H.Tok, Z. Bao, Advanced Materials, 24, 3223-3227, (2012)
  9. Skin-Like Sensors of Pressure and Strain Enabled by Transparent, Elastic Films of Carbon Nanotubes, D.J. Lipomi*, M. Vosgueritchian*, B. C-K. Tee* et al., Nature Nanotechnology, 1–6, (2011) (*equal contribution)
  10. SCB Mannsfeld, B. C-K Tee, et al., Highly sensitive flexible pressure sensors with micro-structured rubber dielectric layers, Nature Materials 9, 859–864, (2010) | Featured on Nature News and Views.
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