Prof Theng Yin Leng

Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE), President’s Office, NTU Centre for HEalthy and Sustainable CitieS (CHESS), Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, NTU Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS), NTU

Research Interests: Experimental Human-computer Interaction, Interactive systems/devices for Healthcare, Elderly and Technologies


Research Interests

Theng’s research interests are mainly in user-centred design, interaction design and usability engineering. She has participated in varying capacities as principal investigator, co-investigator and collaborator in numerous research projects in the United Kingdom and Singapore since 1998. In the area of research, Dr.Theng’s philosophy is about doing worthwhile, scientifically-based experimental Human-Computer Interaction in understanding users and their interactions, especially for Information Systems, in her earlier research on the World Wide Web and Digital Libraries, and with recent focus on interactive systems/devices for Healthcare and Education. Her main research interest is to develop innovative tools, techniques, methods and models to assist in the design and evaluation of interactive systems/devices, making research relevant and impacting society. From 2003 to 2015, as a PI, she has garnered a total of slightly over S$3M as PI and about S$2M as Co-PI and Collaborator. Dr. Theng has more than 200 papers and publishes widely in top-tiered international journals and conferences. Recent interests include applying user issues to elderly & technologies, games for health, health informatics, smart nation & metrics.

Current Projects

1. A Baseline, Cross-Sectional and Intervention Study Investigating Individual, Cultural and Organisational Factors Influencing Ownership of Workplace Health and Safety Leading to a Mindset Change and Actions.

2. A Crowdsourcing Approach to Building a Smart City

3. AGameF: Design and Development of an Intergenerational Digitally Mediated Fitness Game for Elderly Users

4. Altmetrics: Exploring and Rethinking New Ways of Measuring Research Outputs

5. Altmetrics: Rethinking and Exploring New Ways of Measuring Research Outputs

6. An Investigation of Elderly Enjoyment and Social Motivations on Exergame

7. Anonymizing Driver and Passenger Data

8. Arousal-Based Messages For Diabetes Patients

9. Baseline study to gather information about pregnancy related knowledge and risk perceptions among potential mothers in Bangladesh


11. COGnitive, Physiological Behavioral And Social Sciences(COGPASS) Research Hub

12. COVE – COgnition and BehaVioural SciEnces Laboratory

13. COVE-Cognition And Behavioural Science Laboratory

14. Data Analytics Development for Basic Health Screening Related Games

15. Development Of Chairs In Leadership And Management

16. Enjoyment and Social Motivations on Elderly Exergame

17. Exploring Virtual Worlds Usage Intentions as a Collaborative Tool

18. Extending Health Span through Diabetes Health Literacy and Competency Assessment (HeaLiX health bot)

19. Extending Health Span through Diabetes Health Literacy and Competency Assessment (HeaLiX health bot)

20. Information Literacy

21. Information, Nutrition and Health: A Comparative Study on Behavioural, Psychological, and Social Insights of the Elderly Consumers in Singapore and Australia

22. Investigating Users’ Emotions while Web Searching for Health Information

23. Modelling Information Behaviour of Patients with Chronical Illness: Diabetes and Chronic Heart Conditions

24. Modelling and Optimising Home Care And Caregiving Services For The Elderly

25. Monetary Acadamic Resources for Research

26. Multi-Platform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC)

27. Multi-Screen Social TV: Investigating Determinants Of Users’ Attitude, Viewing Behavior And Engagement

28. PONdER: Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy

29. Predictors And Outcomes of Nurses’ Use of Personal Mobile Phones At Work: An Empirical Study in the Philippines

30. QiVMDL – Towards a Socially Constructed Virtual Museum and Digital Library for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: A Case of the Chinese “Qipao”

31. Singapore Intergenerational National Games (SING)

32. Social and Health Communications and Issues

33. Strategies for effective social media information seeking: New research framework, taxonomy and multilevel testing

34. Toward an intergrated model of problematic consumption: the role of online shopping, self-regulation and susceptibility to advertising.

35. Uberising Health Coaching Addressing the Increasing Demand for Just-in-Time, Bite-Sized and Affordable Health Coaching for Older Adults

36. Virtual Integrated Therapy for Active Living (VITAL) Health Box: A Monitoring and Motivating Companion to Reduce Frailty and Maintain Health for Older Adults

37. Virtual and augmented reality training systems for the elderly in Singapore

Selected Publications:

1. Theng, Y.L., Foo, S., Goh, H.L.D., & Na, J.C. (2008). Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries: Design, Development and Impact. IGI Global, Hershey, PA.

2. Theng, Y.L., Tan, K.L., Lim, E.P., Zhang, J., Goh, D.H., Chatterjea, K., Chew, C.H., Sun, A., Han, Y., Dang, N.H., Li, Y.Y. and Vo, M.C. (2007). Proceedings of the ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries JCDL 2007: Mobile G-Portal supporting collaborative sharing and learning in geography fieldwork: An empirical study. (pp. 462-471)Canada.

3 .Theng, Y.L., Goh, D., Lim, E.P., Liu, Z.H., Ming, Y., Pang, N., Wong, B.B. (2005). Applying Scenario-Based Design and Claims Analysis on the Design of a Digital Library of Geography Examination Resources. Information Processing and Management, 41(1), 23-40.

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