Assoc Prof Wei Lei

Centre for Optical Fibre Technology, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, NTU

Research Interests: Multi-functional Fibers and Fabrics for Healthcare, Fiber-based Biosensors and Biomedical Devices



Current Projects

1. Advanced Nano-Manufacturing of Structured Multi-Material Particles by Laser Induced In-Fiber Fluid Dynamical Instabilities

2. Development of optoelectrical bimodal monitoring technique for neuronal activity in live brain: an application to the investigation of neural circuit functions

3. Fibre- Based Optofluidic Biosensors for Small-Molecules DNA Detection

4. Flexible Multifunctional Neural Probes for Brain Stimulation and Monitoring

5. High-Performance Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Thermoelectric Fibers

6. Multi-functional Fabrics with Deep Neural Network for Healthcare

Selected Publications:

1. T. Zhang, K. Li, J. Zhang, M. Chen, Z. Wang, S. Ma, N. Zhang, and L. Wei. (2017). High-performance, flexible, and ultralong crystalline thermoelectric fibers. Nano Energy, 41, 35-42.

2. J. Zhang, K. Li, T. Zhang, P. J. Buenconsejo, M. Chen, Z. Wang, M. Zhang, Z. Wang, and L. Wei. (2017). Laser induced in-fiber fluid dynamical instabilities for precise and scalable fabrication of spherical particles. Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 1703245.

3. M. Chen, J. Xia, J. Zhou, Q. Zeng, K. Li, K. Fujisawa, W. Fu, T. Zhang, J. Zhang, Z. Wang, Z. Wang, X. Jia, M. Terrones, Z. Shen, Z. Liu, and L. Wei. (2017). Ordered and atomically perfect fragmentation of layered transition metal dichalcogenides via mechanical instabilities. ACS Nano, 11, 9191-9199.

4. Shun Wang, Ting Zhang, Kaiwei Li, Shaoyang Ma, Ming Chen, Ping Lu, Lei Wei. (2017). Flexible Piezoelectric Fibers for Acoustic Sensing and Positioning. Advanced Electronic Materials, 3(3), 1600449.

5. M. Zhang, K. Li, P. Shum, X. Yu, S. Zeng, Z. Wu, Q. Wang, K. Yong, and L. Wei. (2017). Hybrid graphene/gold plasmonic fiber-optic biosensor. Advanced Materials Technologies, 2(2), 1600185.

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