Dr Shermin S. Goh

Soft Materials (SOF)/Institute of Materials Engineering and Research (IMRE) , A*STAR

Research Interests: Chemosensors, Ion Sensors, Electrochemical Sensors, Dynamic Polymer Networks 

Dr. Shermin Goh received her DPhil in Organic Chemistry at the University of Oxford with Prof. Ed Anderson and thereafter pursued a postdoctoral stint with Prof. Ben Feringa (Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 2016) at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. She is currently Group Leader of the Functional & Dynamic Cross-Linked Polymers Lab at IMRE-A*STAR, where her research focuses on harnessing chemistry to develop functional materials for sensing and sustainability. Shermin is recipient of the 2021 AME Young Individual Research Grant and is also a certified PMP. 

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