Workshopꞁ 6 July 2021, Tuesday | 9.00am - 1.00pm (SGT)

In this workshop, the speakers discussed the latest wearable technologies for health:

Wearable and Mobile Sensing Platforms for the Management of Diabetes
- by Prof Joseph WANG, University of California at San Diego

Conformal Polymer Dry Electrodes for Long-Term Epidermal Biopotential Monitoring
- by A/Prof Jianyong OUYANG, National University of Singapore

Weavable, Stretchable Microtubular Sensor for Physiological Monitoring
- by Dr Joo Chuan YEO, National University of Singapore

Conformal Bioelectronic Interfaces
- by Prof Xiaodong CHEN, Nanyang Technological University

Integrated Sensor Technologies for Molecular Analyses of Circulating Biomarkers
- by Asst Prof Huilin SHAO, National University of Singapore

The Promise and Perils of Wearable Technology in Healthcare: A Clinician’s Perspective
- by A/Prof Raymond SEET, National University of Singapore

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