Webinar ꞁ 26 February 2021, Friday | 10.00am - 11.30am (SGT)

Prof Chen Xiaodong

President’s Chair Professor
School of Materials Science & Engineering, NTU

Dr Su Xiaodi

Senior Scientist

Dr Roozbeh Ghaffari

Epicore Biosystems, Inc.

Flexible, skin-like sensors are the future of healthcare. Recent advances in research especially with respect to the discovery of novel materials and miniaturization of sensors, have made the development of wearable skin sensors possible for applications such as continuous and remote monitoring of health, non-invasive diagnosis of disease, and management of skin care and wound healing etc.

In this session, the speakers will discuss on the latest developments of skin-interfaced sensors that are conformal as well as how nanoparticles and microfluidics are transformed into wearable solutions for health and wellness personalised applications.

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